Friday, 4 November 2011

Different types of Sewing

There are many different types of sewing. Many sew for fashion like Gerties, clothing or even just as a hobby. Sewing is a great way to advance your creativity. The clothing we wear is apart of a pattern that is sewn together, every culture is different. Many sewers often follow a pattern, or a design of some sort. You can also create your own jewellery, baby outfits, and even learn how to make holiday decorat...
Traditional sewing on the other hand is taught very differently; I’ve been taught to sew traditionally by my grandmother, she has taught me a valuable lesson while I was learning how to sew. She never helped me with my sewing, which is an Inuit tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. She has taught me patience which is the key to sewing; in order to create something by sewing you needed a great deal of patience, she has taught me that very well.
I was impressed with Julia's sewing blog, she has shown great examples of what one can make. Many of the sewing she has created cost a lot of money in designer stores. But when you learn how to sew you create something very unique and different to what other people use. So Julia is trying to embrace that expression by creating her own website about sewing & you can realize how much you can save with money on creating your own outfits.
Many beginner sewers can get a lot of tips on how to learn to sew. Their are step by step procedures that allows you to follow as you learn basic sewing with a sewing machine. This is a great website that allows you to try new patterns & teaches you how to sew, if you are interested in learning how to sew different things, this is the website to go to. It allows you to learn through small sewing projects first since you are just learning how to use the sewing machine.
Sewing is also a great & fun hobby, many sewers can make a lot of money by advertising their own line of creations. Many sewers can enter competitions or get free fabrics or materials that are offered in some websites that allow them to show their expertise, & it can probably led them to become famous fashion designers.   

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